4 Reasons Why You Got Overlooked for a Promotion

Photo by Ron BennettsOne of the worst things to witness as a young professional is to have someone less experienced and less qualified get the promotion he or she should have gotten.  The situation alone is demotivating and rather….frustrating.  Many cite favoritism, nepotism and the flawed hiring process for the reason they didn’t get the promotion.  Although this may sometimes be the case, we still can take some responsibility for why we didn’t get a promotion at our job.  From my experience I have found that there are four top reasons for why professionals don’t get the promotion they deserved.

You are unaware of success measures. Do you know what your manager considers four core competencies in order to get a promotion?  What performance measures and character traits must your manager need to see?  Many times we can consider ourselves successful at our job based on our own measures, but not on what our boss thinks is necessary. Begin to make yourself the manager of your next promotion.  Make an appointment with your boss and ask what you need to do to move up in the company.  Document this information and do your best to meet these measures in time for the next round of promotions.

You weren’t committed to the job anyway. Most employers can tell when someone is either unhappy with their job or not committed to the organization.  If this is you, consider that the promotion was more of an ego blow than something that you really wanted.  Many people would not want nor be committed more responsibility in a job they are unhappy with.  Consider looking for another job elsewhere that would make you happy.

You do nothing more and nothing less than your job. No one gets promoted by doing minimal work.  If you are one to occasionally walk in late, miss deadlines, take extended lunches, and be the first to leave at the end of the day, don’t think that your manager and colleagues don’t notice. Find ways to take on more responsibility and extra work in your office.  This shows commitment and a willingness to help the team perform.

You are not a people person. Do you continuously skip out on company mixers and stay to yourself at the office?  If so you are only hurting yourself.  Potential leaders are always people who can motivate and inspire their team to perform at a higher level.  A lack of interpersonal skills can prevent a manager from promoting someone when the need is for a person with excellent people management skills.  Read the book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” by Dale Carnegie to gain insight on how to improve your interpersonal skills.

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  1. Bojangles says:

    Good article. However, what if I have considered all the above and more than meet the requirements but still get overlooked and a clock-watcher gets the job? This happened to me yesterday and feels very unfair.I have been working in my own time with my line manager to learn the skills required so that I could be ready when an opportunity arose. I have gone beyond my job role and initiated new projects that the organisation have taken forward. I am enthusiastic and ( until yesterday) motivated. It seems that they want to keep me where I am because I am good at my job. I was the only candidate that met the job description and person specification but still didn’t get the job.